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We are the Tulalip Tribes government and we work to provide several services to our tribal and community members such as health care, housing, education, public works, court system, police department, and many other services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tribal preference? What are the preference tiers? What is Tribal sovereignty?
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“Tribal Preference” means employment preference given to an enrolled member of the Tulalip Tribes. These individuals will be given the first preference for all employment opportunities.

Tier IEnrolled Tulalip Tribal member (TTM)

Tier IISpouse, parent or child of an enrolled Tulalip Tribal member, current legal guardian of TTM or domestic partner (with court documentation)

Tier IIIOther Native American enrolled in a Federally recognized tribe, nation or band, including members of Federally recognized Alaskan Native Villages or communities

Tier IVSpouse of other Native American enrolled in a Federally recognized tribe as listed above

Tier V - Current Employee
Tier VI - All others

* Veteran preference is given during the interview process where additional points are awarded.
Spouses of active enlisted military members also receive additional points

Sovereignty is the authority of a people to govern themselves. Our sovereignty guarantees our inherent right as a government to raise revenue for our community. 92% of our government services such as family and senior housing, education, health and dental services, law enforcement, fire protection, infrastructure improvements, and economic growth are funded from within. Treaties, court cases, and the U.S. Constitution have upheld Tulalip’s status as a self-governing nation. Today, the tribal government and the people of the Tulalip Tribes continue to exercise our sovereignty through many initiatives.

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